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Definitions of Fabric

SHEER – This fabric is transparently thin, diaphanous material, as chiffon, or voile.  

CHIFFON – A very light weight sheer silk or man made fabric.  The fabric is delicate but relatively strong. Primarily used for dressy dresses, blouses, scarves and veils.


SEMI SHEER – This is a transparent fabric but not as thin or see through as sheer fabric.


JACQUARD – This fabric has a pattern woven into the fabric that can be seen on both sides of the material.


SILKY – This polyester fabric has the look and feel of silk, but with easy wash and dry care.  


PEACHSKIN – A descriptive term for the ‘hand’ (feel) of the same fabrics made with micro fibers.  Fabric has been mechanically brushed for a sueded hand.


RAYON  -  A natural fiber composed of cellulose as well as other manufactured fibers. Its pleasant hand or feel and good draping qualities characterize this fabric. It takes color well. Soft hand and takes color well.


POLYESTER - A man made fiber whose characteristics are crease resistant, quick drying and shape retention.  It is often blended with natural fibers to impart stability and strength.

Silk crepe de chine - from the French “crepe of China”, is a famously versatile silk, possessing a very glossy luster and a subtle texture, as well as a surprisingly light weight and truly excellent drape. The fabric, slightly more textured than silk 4-ply woven crepe, is made with tightly twisted weft yarns, or filling, running in reverse directions from left to right. These twisted yarns produce both the crepe texture of the material and its flexible drape. Silk crepe de chine is probably the most durable of cultivated silks – those woven of single, reeled strands – and is found to be exceedingly even and uniform in texture.  Dry cleaning is the recommended method of care for this fabric.

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